Full-spectrum, cannabis-derived product lines of capsules, tincturestopicals, caramels, and suppositories go beyond the basics and reflect a level of expertise you’d expect from a company that’s been improving the quality of life for their customers since 2008. 

M is for muscle, use the BLUE line to specifically target muscles. Made with heirloom variety Indicas and CPC kush strains.

I is for inflammation, use the BLACK line to address pain associated with inflammation. Made with CPC's THC and CBD strains.

N is for nerves, the RED line is for those looking to address their mental health wellness. Made with CPC specific landrace Sativas & Hybrids. 

D is for daily wellness, use the GREEN line to keep balanced throughout the day. Made with high potency CBD & heirloom Hybrid strains.


Looking to get the most out of the CPC line up? Mix and match the blue, black, red and green line to create a natural synergy that maximizes your overall health and wellness. 


Depending on how fast you need relief or what your desired wellness goals, CPC has the knowledge and guidance you need to build a custom regimen with the products below! 



Tinctures are a great option for customers who are looking for fast relief. These sublingual serums absorb quickly into the gums and are perfect for micro-dosing - the dropper gives plenty of control. CPC tinctures are versatile, potent, and discrete.

Made with lemon essential oil for faster uptake and grapeseed oil for a lighter mouthfeel. Free of polysorbates or fillers.


Capsules are perfect for customers who need convenient, long-lasting relief from chronic discomfort. With a wide variety of ratios available in all (4) lines, customers can find just the right combination that best suits

their daily needs.

Made with pesticide-free CO2 extracts and first-run full pressed olive oil. Free of polysorbates or fillers.



CPC's award-winning caramels went through years of R&D before they hit the market to ensure customers the best quality edibles with a high absorption rate and low fat. Enjoy their long-lasting effects and old fashioned flavor. Available in Indica, Sativa and CBD, mix and match for desired effects.

Free of polysorbates or fillers.



CPC topicals are produced using cannabis oil in a water-based gel. They go on thin, deliver cannabinoids directly to the pain point, and disappear without leaving behind scents or residue.

Made with pesticide-free CO2 extracts in a water-based gel. Free of polysorbates or fillers.



Suppositories are for those who need maximum absorption, fast. With a 60% uptake, these are the most effective option on the market to quickly alleviate discomfort.  Used for direct application to the uterus or colon.

Made with organic cotton. Free of polysorbates or fillers.

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