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GKC offers services that are designed to be flexible in order to best fit each brand's specific needs. Our goal is to alleviate any and all pain points producer processors encounter along the supply chain. Whether its outside sales, account management or marketing support we've got you covered with our a la carte menu.

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We understand that hiring an inside sales force can be costly and time-consuming. 
Let us take the pressure off by providing you with our regionally based and highly trained sales force that has already done the leg work of building a strong rapport with local retailers. 
Whether you're looking to maintain consistent sales in your current stores or looking to expand your reach we are here to help you grow your brand and business.


Getting your brand into a retail store is only half the battle. Maintaining a consistent presence and supporting the sale of your products is the other half.
By offering your retailer partners post-sale services like product education, merchandising and vendor days we aim to give your brand the extra edge it needs to beat out the competition.
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Don't let your brand get weighed down by all the exorbitant costs associated with tradeshow booths, ads, and sponsorships.
Another benefit of being a part of the Coalition is our ability to work as a collective group to reduce the cost to participate in events and other marketing opportunities.


Nothing would make us happier than to help you move your marijuana. If you don't want to deal with all the mess of processing, packing, and distributing your crops let us find you a safe, secure, and consistent outlet.
With our wide network of processors, we can take base materials off your hands for fair market value and not a penny less. Good Karma Coalition is here to help you build long-standing and sustainable
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