In the state of Washington, there are approximately 1,426 active producer/processor licenses according to the WSLCB. Despite this large amount of cannabis brands, there isn’t much noticeable brand differentiation. There’s not much worse than walking into a recreational cannabis store in Seattle only to find the same big box brands lining the shelves since legalization hit the city. The lack of brand differentiation in the current recreational market is staggering.

This is where the Good Karma Coalition is creating new hope for tenacious small businesses because they are just that—a coalition. By definition, GKC is an alliance, but it goes much deeper than that. They’re really a family of cannabis-lovers. They’ve made the firm decision to help others in the fight to keep the culture of cannabis alive. As well as navigate a new market that’s quickly being taken over by big money and empty brands.

Competing With Corporate Growers

The demand from customers dictates what is kept on the shelves regularly. But with an emerging industry like cannabis, customers often aren’t fully aware of what they’re even looking for. They may go with what their budtender suggests without really understanding what they’re buying. As well as who they’re supporting with their purchase.

Your typical recreational shop is undergoing an inundation of brands that are all saying the same thing. “We’re the best.” By every brand claiming to be the best, none of them end up standing out. Educating the budtenders, and then the consumers on who and what each farm is, and what sets them apart is a difficult task. Amidst the chaos of simply trying to run a business people tend to end up sticking with what’s easy.

What Is Pure Funk? Marketing cannabis products to consumers is difficult, especially for smaller mom and pop brands like Pure Funk. Rusty Funk is the owner and sole operator of this tier-1 that calls the outskirts of Port Townsend home. Rusty works around the clock seven days a week in his facility growing, trimming, and rolling everything he sends to stores. This man truly values quality over quantity and it shows. 

His Grapefruit and UK Cheese strains are terp laden and out of this world delicious. But without a budget for a marketing team. Rusty relies heavily on the budtenders to relay the narrative to his customers. The question then arises: how do you find out about Rusty’s products and the intimacy that goes into making them?

Pure Funk is now part of the GKC family and that stands for something—caring, trust, and knowledge. Retailers can now deal with one point of contact. They can trust that each member of the coalition has been vetted by GKC and their high standards. 

Through joining the Good Karma Coalition the customer is taken into a deeper world of connections to each local brand. From farm-to-store-to-customer, Good Karma Coalition is ready to support your business and educate the masses.

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