In today’s age, there is a somewhat stereotyped vision of what a cannabis grow operation looks like. When we think of these operations, we picture vast outdoor farms or enormous warehouses, carefully retrofitted to produce quality bud en masse. This isn’t always the case. Good Karma Coalition (GKC) works with many of the ma and pa businesses such as

Pure Funk that are still pushing the envelope as a Tier-1.

Rusty Funk of Pure Funk LLC is a prime example of a small, yet an industrious member of Washington’s i502 industry. Rusty is a veritable one-man show, and we aren’t saying this metaphorically. He cultivates, grows, trims, and packages all of Pure Funk’s cultivars in Port Townsend, Washington.

For years, Funk has dedicated countless hours to perfecting his craft: cannabis cultivation. Throughout that time, he has managed to put together an incredible collection of meticulously curated strains. Jack Herer, Mowie Wowie, Grapefruit, UK Cheese, and other commonplace strains breathe new life under Rusty’s careful watch. However, beautiful and unique cultivars aren’t the only result of Pure Funk being a one-man operation. 

While Pure Funk’s product can compete with the best grow ops around, the cannabis business requires far more than cultivation skills. A successful cannabis business involves marketing, sales, distribution, and other factors that can be difficult to manage for artisan growers. “Pure Funk was on the brink of closing nearly one year ago,” says Nicole Fischer, Funk’s business partner. In that time of uncertainty, help arrived in the form of the Good Karma Coalition

A Warm Welcome To The GKC Family

Run by CEO Dayna Usa, GKC is in the practice of giving small-scale cannabis operations access to a wider range of businesses and customers. They do this by assisting with packaging, distributing, and marketing for brands that struggle to keep up with larger competitors. According to Fischer, GKC has shown Pure Funk “generosity” as well as “a desire for everyone to succeed.” 

For GKC, that desire to bring success to artisanal cannabis companies is what it’s all about. They seek out “genuinely good-intentioned people, businesses and organizations” and bring them all under one roof. In a constantly fluctuating sea of cannabis industry giants, smaller businesses find refuge in numbers.

Pure Funk may have seen some struggles on their own when it comes to marketing and distribution. But, their inclusion in the GKC family has given them the opportunity to focus on what really matters: cultivating some of the best cannabis in the region.

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