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There is a growing movement of genuinely good-intentioned people, businesses and organizations entering the cannabis retail space that care about making not only a great product but also a difference.


We built GKC as a way to try and bring all of them under one roof to produce a positive impact on our communities while building a stronger and more sustainable retail industry.







Over the last 8 years, Dayna has worked with numerous i502 cannabis startups where it became painfully clear that the industry was very much profit-centered, missing depth and collective collaboration.


She immediately saw that the recreational cannabis market needed something that went beyond price and THC percentage, an industry pillar that would invoke more meaningful conversations around cannabis and the communities in which they serve.

Her main goal in starting GKC was to create a coalition and catalog of honestly good people,  products, and retailers that work together within the industry to strengthen local communities while building a more inclusive cannabis culture.